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“What makes us the most normal,” said Reiko, “is knowing that we’re not normal.”
– Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

norwegian wood, one of my favorite novel by haruki murakami is turned into a movie! i’m sooo going to watch it.

i used to claim myself as a movie freak. but look at me now, so left behind with the movie world. the last time i went to the movie was to watch alice in wonderland and i can’t remember when did the last time i buy any dvd.

last week, i watched cin(T)a. actually i had seen the trailer about a year ago, but since it’s a festival movie, i had a hard time finding the movie.

“Kenapa Allah nyiaptain kita beda-beda. Kalau Allah ingin disembah dengan satu cara?”
“Makanya Allah ciptain cinta. Biar yang beda-beda bisa nyatu.”

disney kisses

snow white, the little mermaid, cinderella, alladin, pocahontas, hercules, mulan, tarzan.

i can’t guess what movie on the top right and second from the top right? sleeping beauty?

from got salt?

i’ve never been to any movie premiere. not until last nite. someone took me to the premiere of ruma maida a movie by teddy soeriaatmadja & ayu utami.

the invitation is at 8 pm but not until 9.30 pm the movie started. i
kept wishing the movie won’t be as weird as banyu biru. and it wasn’t.

we watched inglourious basterds last weekend. it was one of the best movie this year but i don’t want to watch it more than once. because, like typical tarantino, it has too many blood.

i talked to this guy
(he watched the movie twice) and he told me about some deleted scenes.
there supposed to be madame mimieux, played by maggie cheung, but i
didn’t see her anywhere in the movie.

maybe i can see the scene later in the dvd uncut version, but then i have to watch the movie more than once :(

have you seen crossing over? it’s really recommended
want to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
finished reading the ‘ensiklopedia’. the lost symbol is not as good as dan brown’s previous books, but still worth to read.
now reading: sea of poppies by amitav ghosh.
my sunflower gardening project is totally failed :( . nothing came out of the ground weeks after i planted the seeds.
is looking forward for another vacation.