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i read so many good books lately. i know, having a baby means i almost have no time for anything at all. but i still can read e-books during the endless breastfeeding.

this is where i leave you

it’s a funny book. and i like it right away. then i found out it turned into a movie. and yes, i watched the movie after reading the book. it took me a few days to watch the movie since it’s harder to squeeze time for movie. the movie was a flop. the book is much better.

the dressmaker of khair khana

ok. this is more serious book. from a true story set in afghanistan during the taliban rule. kamila sidiqi supported the life of her family and the women in her neighborhood by making dresses. and of course this is a secret bussiness because women was prohibited to work by the taliban.

i read orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian while waiting giving birth and during breastfeeding.

at the beginning of the story, it wasn’t interesting at all. i almost quit reading it. but then, there’s a mystery in it. why orhan’s grandfather inherited their family house to a woman they’ve never heard of? i learned about armenian genocide here. it’s one of history i’ve never heard before.

now reading: this is where i leave you by jonathan tropper

i quitted reading no one belong here more than you. the book is not bad, but i wasn’t in the mood reading some weird short stories.

then, i read some great books. faster than i usually read. maybe because they’re e-books.

everything i never told you – celeste ng
a murder mystery of a teenager of a mix race family. it’s interesting of how someone reacted to the fate she got and affected other people. and yes, being a teenager is hard.

yellow crocus – laila ibrahim
a story about a white girl and her black slave. the plot is quite predictable and the story a bit too smooth to be true. but still it’s worth to read. especially if you’re interested in history.

now reading: orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian

i’m reading all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr. the book won the 2015 pulitzer prize so it gave me a lot of promise. the book set is in france and germany during the 2nd world war with 2 main characters, one in france and one in germany.

i’m halfway reading it. and i’m loving it so far.

i’m still on my book hangover after reading eleanor & park.
i’m still thinking about it a few days after reading it. i hope this book will be turned into a movie.

some quotes from the book i found:

i’ve been abandoning my blog for a month!

maybe i just need to write more from the books i read. the lowland is excellent. just like other jhumpa lahiri’s books, it made me cried in a few parts. it’s more than a story of 2 brothers. it’s about a few generation of a family.

the next book i’m reading is dark places by gillian flynn. after stunned with gone girl, i’m curious reading her other books. this one is good too. but not as good as gone girl. i read it during my vacation in lombok. and i read it fast. about a family who were killed in the 80s. and 25 years later, the survived member of the family tried to solve mistery of the event.

i’ll look for her other book: sharp objects. but the title gives me shiver.


the book i’m reading: the lowland by jhumpa lahiri.

this is her latest work and i love jhumpa lahiri. no wonder i read all of her books. this one was a bit boring at the beginning pages. but later, as the story goes, it got more and more interesting.

the lowland is about two brothers, like most of her stories, about indian living in usa. one brother moved to usa and the other stayed behind.

my blog is mostly about books lately.

the next book i’m reading is the book of unknown americans by cristina henriquez. i decided to read this book after some good reviews.

it’s about some immigrants from different countries in south america, living in the same apartment building. the same language, spanish, united them. each character has their own background stories before moving into the building.

i’m reading the husband’s secret by liane moriaty.

when i read the first few pages, i wasn’t interested to keep reading it, so i left it for about a month. but then i gave a second chance. and it turns to be a good book.

there are few stories which later connected to each other. i should keep reading to know more about this book…

after finish reading the unlikely pilgrimace of harold fry, i realized it is so much better book than i thought before. it’s not just walking to visit a a friend who was in the late stage of cancer. it’s much deeper than that. i made me stop a while and think about a lot of things. especially about family.

the next book i finished reading was the potrait in sepia by my favorite author, isabel allende. it’s tbe sequel of daughter of fortune that i read a few months ago. as always, i couldn’t stop reading allende’s books, so i finished it fast.

just finished reading semua untuk hindia.

the book won khatulistiwa award. and it’s a compilation of short stories (i prefer a novel than short stories). the most interesting element about this book is all the stories has the same time set: indonesia just after the independence.

i’m re-reading burung-burung manyar by y.b mangunwijaya. i read book for the first time about 15 years ago, before i started writing things in my blog (my blog started in 2002, when i lived in bali).

since this is a good book, i enjoy reading it. and of course i have forget about the story especially the details. it’s more like reading a new good book.


so many posts about books lately. this e-book thing really speed up my reading.

the one i’m reading now is mr. penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore by robin sloan. so different from the books i read lately and not enjoying too much reading this. it’s about computer coding and mystery. but i’m almost done. still curious about how the story turned at the end.

i got the copy of gelombang through preorder and got number 1178 out of 2014. i finished reading it right away.

i personally like partikel better. and a bit surprise because i thought gelombang is the last sequel of the supernova series. but it’s not. there will be another one. i hope it will not take too long for the next book. i want all the character in the series meet.