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inspired from some photos in instagram, i created some photos of fruits with wiggle eyes. it’s sooo fun. i will do more of these. probably not only fruit but maybe with other kind of food or any kind of object.

i just need to have more wiggle eyes.

new recipe i tried. another easy one for jingga’s lunch box. i found the recipe here and created it right away.

it turned out great but somehow something missing from the taste. maybe it’s not salty enough.

when jingga was still in pre school, i always brought her just some snack for her meal box. she was only in school for 1.5 hours anyway.

but now, she’s in kindergarten. she spends longer time in school. and she asked for bigger and more serious food.

i tries to have more fun with her food. and surprisingly, now she finishes the food most of the time. i have to get up earlier to make these things. but it pays.

it has been a while sinceĀ  i made oreo pudding. i used to make it often. all of sudden i wanted something sweet. and i have all the ingredient for oreo pudding.

this food never let me down. always successful to lift my mood up. and for the first time i used the huge rose silicon mold i owned since a year ago. i was afraid the shape of the pudding will be messy. but it turned out ok and not bad at all. next, i’ll try to bake cake in it.

when i’m not too lazy, i bake something for jingga’s breakfast. i want her to experience all kind of food. she’s the kind who’s afraid to taste something new. but i want to encourage her to taste more.

this time i baked marvelous cheese muffin. a very easy and fast one. i just need to mix all the ingredient then bake using the the muffin tin.

here’s the ingredient:
1 3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon sugar (i used a bit less)
1 large egg
1 cup milk
1/4 butter/margarine, melted (i used vegetable oil)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

like most people these days, i wanted to try to make my own kue cubit.

after researched some recipes, i realized they’re just the same ingredient as pancakes batter. i used my usual pancake recipe and added rice chocolate on top. on my first attempt, the bottom part of kue cubit was burned! but after decreasing the heat of my cooking plate to the lowest level, my kue cubit was much better.

after trying apple cake with ice cream from sepotong kue in pasar santa, i looked for apple cake recipe.

i found an easy one. fortunately, i had some apel malang at home (the imported apples are banned lately because of bacteria or something). apel malang is good because it’s cheaper and looks more natural compare the imported ones that can stay months without getting rotten.

and this is my first apple cake. it was yummy!

after years of making pancakes and waffles, i tried a new way to cook it, inspired from here.

and the result was awesome. maybe because we were bored with the old styles. i added some chocolate chips and jingga loves it. she even asked to have more chocolate chips next time.

definitely with make this again!


most kids including jingga, loves chicken nugget. i tried making it often, but it’s the traditional recipe with minced chicken and bread crumb.

then i found this recipe. it’s interesting because it’s oven baked. and instead of using bread crumb, the outer coat uses the mixture of corn flakes + shredded cheese.

here’s the result from the recipe. tasted better than the usual i made.

the ovamaltine pie was a big success because jingga ate most of them.

this time i made a smaller version so they can be placed into jingga’s mealbox. this is pretty easy to make since i used store bought pie crush. all i need to add was egg to glue the pocket and to brush the top part. for the filling i just put ovamaltine.

after success with baked chicken, i created a new version with different ingredient. this one is dory fish. and this time i replace the soya sauce with oyster sauce. just to give a different taste to the meal.


inspired to make chicken meatballs after seeing this recipe. but instead of frying the meatballs, i baked them. and it’s so easy and tasty (except the time forming them into balls).

i ate them with shell pasta i have at home. and added cheese. ok, the cheese part is probably not that healthy but i couldn’t help it!

another no fry food. this time is tuna stuffed eggs.

the eggs are boiled and take out the yolks (they contain evil cholesterol). mix tuna, mayonaise and chopped spring onion. then put the mixture into the egg.

super easy!

more from the no fry food. i’m such a lazy cook, so i only try some easy recipes.

this one is baked chicken. just marinate the chicken overnight with lemon, salt and pepper. in the morning bake it with onion, garlic, soya sauce then put a bunch of vegetable you prefer. voila. it looks colorfully good!

for the sake of healthier lifestyle, we tried to consume more baked than fried food. most indonesian food are more into fry or steam. and fried food are more delicious and easier to get.

this one is tomato and spinach frittata. just mix egg, veggie, onion and cheese then bake them.

what happen if you bake carrot cake too often?
1. try to create some new shapes
2. your kid gets bored and refuse to eat it

i usually make apple pie out of store-bought pie crust. but apple are expensive lately and i wanted to create something different. then i made this pocked pie, filled with ovamaltine and cheese. and they’re delicious!

all of the food from the last idul adha was created by my mom in law. all i did just packed and brought them home.

and yes. they’re delicious!