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the images were taken about a week after the seeds were plated. out of 10 pots, only a few grow. maybe i should just wait a little longer.

now rain starts pouring often. i’m afraid it will hurt the tiny plants :( . i hope they’re strong enough.

i received these seeds a few days ago. now i’m ready to plant again.

i don’t know if this is a good idea to start planting during the dry season like now. but i don’t want to wait and those seeds have expiration date. so wish me luck with this.

i’ll update in this blog for the planting project.

i planned to plant more sunflowers, but the everyday rain made me postponed it.

today, when blogwalking, i found perez‘s sunflowers are almost blooming! so happy to see there are still people out there planting my sunflowers :)

because this guy failed planting his first batch of sunflower, i sent him more seeds.

a few days ago, i got the picture of it.
good luck, i hope they keep growing. yes, sunflowers love lots of direct sun.

the second batch of my sunflowers start to bloom!

i put them under the strong sun everyday and the result, the plants are bigger, taller and stronger. but too bad the flowers are still not as big as imagined.

do they need more sun? since the rain still keep pouring once a while.

yesterday, a sunflower photo from sita in bogor landed in my e-mail. hers is special because a ladybug decided to visit the plant and captured by the camera.

thanks for the photo .

the dry season is coming & the sunshine is getting stronger.

my last sunflower was weak and small. and now, i’m trying to plant them again during the dry season. it has been a few days now. and they look stronger.

wish me luck! ;)

one of the reason i decided to go back to the blogging world because i promised people to show their sunflowers in my blog.

during the break, 2 people sent the photos of their bloom sunflowers.

from mbak hani in lombok

from meymey in bandung.

dry season is coming and i think it’s better time to plant sunflowers. the sun will do good to your plants.

send me more more more of  your sunflowers pictures 

after a few weeks, finally my sunflower shows some sign of bloom.
the plant is literally small and the flower-wannabe is even smaller.

and the plant is so weak. i’m afraid it won’t be able to hold the
bud… probably i need a stick or something to help holding  the

and i still got 2 unknown seedings. i forgot to name the pot, so i have no idea what plant they are.

they’re either coriander, oregano or mint.

how is your sunflower’s growth?


i got a photo of sunflower’s growth from perez.

like mine, his sunflowers are weak. maybe we should plant them during the dry season, when the sunshine is stronger.

more photos of sunflowers were sent to me. yesterday, arya from balikpapan sent some photos! here are the growth of her sunflowers.

and more update of the sunflower from perez’s blog.


just received another photo of sunflower’s growth from meymey in bandung. she plants the seeds with her children and were so happy to see them grow

i still have some left over sunflower seeds from our wedding favour.

anyone interested planting them, just e-mail me your address. i can send the seeds as long as you live within indonesia.

my e-mail: