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no post for the past 4 months?
that’s too long. i can’t believe i can be that lazy that long. after 14 years of blogging, i probably need a break. and that was it. i’m going to start writing again.

i was going to join mommiesdaily competition but i posted the photo way too late. so let me just post the photo here for inside my bag:

1. ipad mini
2. iphone
3. mini fan
4. book, now reading: maya’s notebook by isabel allende
5. a pouch filled with contact lenses stuff, tissue, lipgloss
6. house key
7. wallet
8. 2 folded shopping bag
9. hair bands

since a few days ago, i can’t comment on my own blog. and probaby other people can’t either.

it has nothing to do with the new layout because i have the comment problem before i change my layout.

anyone can help?
e-mail me:

qq & antie had their wedding yesterday in salatiga. months ago, when i heard about the wedding, i planned to come. but  after i found out i was pregnant, it’s just to much for me to travel that far.

but happy wedding for you guys. enjoy the new adventour. it’ll be exciting :)

and check out their wedding blog with some awesome photos.

yesterday, a package from papua from this guy arrived.
inside the package, i found a jar he painted himself with papua’s batik pattern. along with the jar there are some dried flowers from wamena.

love it! thanks a bunch

my blog was broken for weeks and i was too lazy to fix it.

after 8 years of blogging, i think i deserve to take a break. and it was great to have a life without blog. but people started asking about what happen to my blog. i just realized there are people out there reading my blog.

so here i am, ready to be back blogging…

oh, by the way, the blog’s layout is still not fixed yet. i’m still searching for the right theme.

something is wrong with my blog and some of my recent posts are missing. actually i still have the offline backup (not 100%) but just too lazy to find our how to put them back online.

so, whatever, i will start writing on my blog again…