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i have been abandoning my blog for a year! so here’s some update:

binar is already 6 months old and started eating solid food.

i’m reading i know this much is true by wally lamb. i got the books months ago! but the thousand something page scared me. i knew it would be a great book because she’s come undone was one of my favorite book. and i’m in the middle of reading it and love love love it (i blamed the book to keep me updating my blog).

i’m still doing lunch box for jingga every single school day. and still fun

smoothies are not daily anymore. just when i have the material and feel like doing it.

jingga’s birthday is coming! i love planning birthday and with 2 kids i’ll have 2 birthdays to plan annually. well, until they don’t want any celebration anymore.

lately, i’m trying to make my smoothies look more beautiful by adding some fruit chunks on the top of instead of just swallowing the smoothies, we also need to chew.

and every few days i create some overnight oatmeal. not bad at all. and i love seeing the layers appear between the oatmeal and the smoothies.

daily smoothies in the morning.

my recent favorite is making double layer smoothies. i saw this kind of smoothies for the first time on my umroh trip back in 2006. and i also love love love adding fruit chinks on the top of the smoothies. they look more beautiful.

i’m still living with smoothies on daily basis. not always a happy thing because sometimes it tastes blah..

now i found more and more places to get organic vegetables. for the fruits, i stick with local fruits. cheaper and healthier.

the smoothies project continues. i’m still having fun doing this. i didn’t take photos all the smoothies during ramadhan because it was too dark to take picture.

now i’m better recognizing some fruit’s characters. for example, banana has strong taste. it dominates the other fruits/veggies which is mixed with it. it helps to combine with terrible taste veggie (but healthy) such as kale.

49 days of smoothies! yay!

we still continues consuming smoothies on ramadhan during sahur. but there’s not enough light to take good pictures of them :mrgreen:

27 days of morning smoothies.

there will be more. i’m still enjoying the shopping, make combination and drink it. there are still some fruit and vegetable i haven’t try and will try them in smoothies.

i’ve been making smoothies for 18 days! i skipped only when i’m on traveling. so far it’s refreshing and i love this new routine.

we’re following the healthy lifestyle by consuming smoothies daily. it’s easy to make and i just put all fruits and vegetables in there. even the ones i don’t like such as papaya and banana.

and i started enjoying the making of it. everyday i imagine what color my smoothie will be. i try to get fruit locally, from seller passing in front of our house. but for vegetable i try to get the organic one (except if it can be peeled).

here some smoothies i have made. see more in my instagram.