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we had our first day of lebaran in bogor.

when we arrived the day before lebaran, because the traffic was really nice, we finally had chance to see the deers at bogor palace and feed them through the fences.

mom in law cooked all the lebaran meals. i baked carrot cake to give away. but jingga ate them all -_-.


since a few weeks ago, jingga joined a ballet class. so far, she loves the class and every single day, she talks about it and can’t wait for the next class.

the class is called baby class. mostly it was fun things to do. some kids refused to follow the teacher’s instruction and play instead.

jingga is going to have school performance soon. the theme is jakarta.

the parents got this invitation in ondel-ondel shape. it’s made of shuttle kock. and jingga helped making it in school. i love this school always put big effort on everything. with details.


we visited legoland in johor bahru, malaysia 2 weeks ago. our base was in singapore and spent 1 full day in legoland. it was raining in singapore when we arrived, luckily it was sunny for the next few days.

jingga was accompanied with her 2 cousins, so it was fun for her. she enjoyed the trip very much.


feeding some animal farm in kuntum farm field in bogor.

it’s big, clean and affordable. unlike lactasari farm, this one is a real farm on a land. you also can harvest some organic vegetable. we think of visiting this place again sometimes.

i’m dedicating one wall in our house for doodling. jingga (and me) loves it!

here’s jingga and her cousins doodling on the wall.

one of the most fun activity in jingga’s school: play in the rain.
the kids brought rain coat and flip flop from home. jingga is the one in yellow rain coat.

little kids are so cute. especially when there are a bunch of them. this is why i always enjoy being in jingga’s school. just by looking at kids coming to school and their activities makes my heart warm.

this is jingga and her friend, marta, looking at turtles inside the pond.
marta and jingga

we had another celebration for jingga’s birthday. this time was at home. for family only.

i didn’t buy any cake but made some little plain vanilla cupcakes and let the children decorate them themselves.


i made this bunting for jingga’s birthday cake. it will be something like this. i will order the cake plain then decorate it by myself. since the cake is not ready yet, the bunting stays on the shelf by my desk.

i also made a crown from plastic cup. it’s pretty easy. too bad i couldn’t find any pompom small enough for the crown’s peaks. the tutorial is from here. it’s in portuguese but the images can tell you enough what to do.

for the party in school, the kids will get this origami pin wheel hat.

total i have made about 100 origami pin wheels for this birthday!