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they sell the sleepy eyes wall decoration in instagram in wood version and wall sticker version. the dimension of the wood version was too small and i was afraid the wall sticker version will ruin the wall paint. while thinking which one i should get, i suddenly got an idea to just print it on thick paper.

i went to the nearest snappy and printed each eye on A4 size paper. just the size i wanted. and i use masking tape to stick them to the wall, so they won’t damage the wall.

voila! my DIY sleepy eyes for jingga’s room. anyone interested to get the drawing? just email me. i’ll send you for free. here’s my email:

when i was a kid. i loooove drawing. i spent hours just for drawing. such an introvert habit.

on the other side, jingga loves more into sport activities, such as swimming, dancing and just running around. but sometimes i need to keep her calm and put her on the desk to do something. and here they are: drawing, coloring and just working on her busy book.

february is jingga’s and my birthday month.

for jingga, we celebrated it at school with all her friends. and this year she can ask for things she likes. for example, she wanted pinata. and this is the first time she got pinata for her birthday.
from jingga’s birthday:

some wrapping we (me & jingga) did for her friends and cousin’s birthday.
i love getting invited to a birthday, shopping and wrapping the present. this wrapping thing became our fun activity together.

i’m trying to teach jingga how to read. and it’s extremely hard. she isn’t interested in it at all.

i made some ‘fun’ worksheet for her to work on. with colors and drawings. but it’s still not really successful since she kept running away and making excuses.

any tips?

jingga has a looooong vacation. and because i’m already too heavy to go around, we spent most of our time at home.

i tried to do some fun at home here and there so we won’t get bored. one of them is making some shapes out of her fruit plate. she doesn’t always finish everything on the plate, but we have fun.

a sheep. a caterpillar. a butterfly. a crab. a jelly fish. and a school of fishes.

still about jingga’s 4th bday.

for the cakes, as requested by jingga, she wanted tinkerbell, periwinkle and rosetta cake.

for the goody bags, i made some bag tags. the boxes are made of tin with stickers i made myself. inside the boxes i added a few snacks.

february, the month i need to prepare jingga’s birthday. it’s the most fun time of the year. i love kid’s birthday!

here’s the invitation, inspired from pinterest. the whole class ate lollypops after receiving the invitation :mrgreen:

it has been a while since i put jingga’s style to school here.

she’ll be in kindergarten next semester and wear uniform. there’ll be no (or less) style to school then.


there are times when jingga is too lazy to eat by herself. like most toodlers, everything depends on her mood.

i usually cut her food in bite sizes and use some cute food picks. she’s excited about those food pick and asked for them like, i want to eat bread with mickey or i want to eat fruit with animals.

when some animals doesn’t show up, she asks for it. like, where’s the girrafe? i don’t have it on my plate today. then i create a story about the girrafe is being sick and has to have a rest.

it has been a while since i posted jingga’s meal boxes.

it’s something she eats after breakfast but before lunch. maybe we should call it brunch.