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i have been abandoning my blog for a year! so here’s some update:

binar is already 6 months old and started eating solid food.

i’m reading i know this much is true by wally lamb. i got the books months ago! but the thousand something page scared me. i knew it would be a great book because she’s come undone was one of my favorite book. and i’m in the middle of reading it and love love love it (i blamed the book to keep me updating my blog).

i’m still doing lunch box for jingga every single school day. and still fun

smoothies are not daily anymore. just when i have the material and feel like doing it.

jingga’s birthday is coming! i love planning birthday and with 2 kids i’ll have 2 birthdays to plan annually. well, until they don’t want any celebration anymore.

what’s the most fun part for being pregnant? it’s the baby shopping. you’re allowed to buy all the cute stuff because you need them.

i didn’t shop as much as i did during my first pregnancy, but i still enjoyed doing it.

i’m on my 32nd week. and yes, i’m huge.

it’s getting heavier and heavier. i need to take rest often, can’t walk or stand for too long. and it’s getting closer to the delivery date.

see you soon, baby :)

last week was a hard week for me. my boss, my mentor who i had been working for almost 10 years, passed away.

it was a long journey. i moved from bali and started this new things to learn by experiencing the projects around the world.

the nam hai, vietnam (2005)
the club at the saujana, malaysia (2006)
the aman at the summer palace, china (2007)
capella, singapore (2008-2009)
capitol, singapore (2011-2013)

you will be missed. may you rest in peace.
here an article for the memory of him.


we visited our third hidden park last weekend. this time is at taman tanjung in pasar minggu.

most of the art installation was the same as the previous years with some new additions. my favorite this year is the bird houses.

taman tanjung is much smaller compare to taman langsat or taman tebet. so probably it looked more crowded. but still, i love seeing people enjoying the free public space even the jakarta weather is awfully hot lately.

we had our first day of lebaran in bogor.

when we arrived the day before lebaran, because the traffic was really nice, we finally had chance to see the deers at bogor palace and feed them through the fences.

mom in law cooked all the lebaran meals. i baked carrot cake to give away. but jingga ate them all -_-.


i was going to join mommiesdaily competition but i posted the photo way too late. so let me just post the photo here for inside my bag:

1. ipad mini
2. iphone
3. mini fan
4. book, now reading: maya’s notebook by isabel allende
5. a pouch filled with contact lenses stuff, tissue, lipgloss
6. house key
7. wallet
8. 2 folded shopping bag
9. hair bands

looking for jacatra secret by rizki radyasmara. out of stock in most gramedia.

spending lebaran vacation mostly at home. happy to be with jingga all the time and no singapore trip.

visited this blog and tempted to get some cotton stretch pants :mrgreen:

our soursop tree gives more and more fruits

i just found a joy of cooking using happy call


dear blog,
i’m sorry for neglecting you for a while. here’s some random updates:

after 2 years of hiatus, i finally have time watching serials again. starting with project runway all stars 2. but haven’t finish the whole season now.

after 2 years, jingga’s excellent nanny left because she’s getting married. it was really sad.

i’ve been busy lately, going to the office almost daily. i know i shouldn’t complain because for the whole month, i didn’t have to travel to singapore.

jingga attended a pre school. she cried at the beginning, but now she’s ok.

i haven’t bake anything new lately. i want to make this tiramisu but haven’t got a chance to buy the ingredient.

this cookie from subway is extremly delicious. good thing they have it in big size.

there are times when you call and you call and you call and you don’t get any taxi.

there are times when you think you have done everything correctly and turn out they’re totally wrong.

i had curry puff instead of real lunch. i’m in love with curry puff.

here in singapore they call it liquid paper instead of white out or tip ex. who still use it these days?

it’s not wise to watch news about flight accident when you’re about to depart a flight.

i’m in changi airport now.

i need my sleep.

i really need my sleep.


random things happening lately:

grean tea frappuccino. a free one.

found out there was wasabi in my sandwich. my nose felt funny after.

a beautiful defect.

a presentation i didn’t have to do (yay!)

another presentation i have to prepare

expensive hotel with no free wifi

flight during normal time

love and hate relationship with buffet breakfast

daily warm tea

super heavy luggage

a taxi driver told sweet stories about his family

a fantastic office at the countryside

another office in an old preserved building

art deco style design


endless conversation about kids

i wanted their salad

more random things:

i tried salted caramel mocha. it tasted terrible. no drink should be salty. i should just stick with my green tea cappuccino.

garuda has better airplane interior than SQ. But SQ wins in service, airport base and more destinations.

being in singapore, i have excuse to walk more. with the same distance 3 years ago, i got extremly exhausted now. i’m getting old…

i’ve been coughing for over a week now! i rarely get sick and this is bothering me so much.

the reason i haven’t bake anything for so long because i ran out of gas for my oven, but too lazy to bought it.

i haven’t watch test pack. in fact i haven’t been to a movie since jingga was born! zzzzzz…..


just some random things:

i spend more and more time in singapore and leave jingga more. there’s always this pinch of guilt whenever i have to leave her.

back from vacation i got 3 mountains of dirty laundry, the maid didn’t return and jingga was sick.

i feel theĀ  aircon in singapore is extremly cold. maybe i’m the only one because i see other people are fine with it.

the purple suitcase is one of the best buy. i put documents, laptop and all the heavy stuff in it. it reduces the weight of my tote bag and avoid back pain.

i need to make kabocha cake again. got 2 kabochas at home waiting for me.

jingga had 3 flights from the last vacation. the last 2 flights, she felt asleep.

i’m still reading the night circus. i enjoyed reading the book but i only have time reading it during my weekly trip.