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we loves books. we were excited when we found a new kids library. it’s the open book located on the 2nd floor of dharmawangsa square.

after we took our shoes, we went inside. the place was awesome! books with cute low shelves. some bean bags were there so you can read books comfortably. we wanted to stay longer but it was lunch time already.

one thing made me sad. this kind of places are always empty! almost no one visit them. i wish more people go there so they won’t closed down.

it was during the independence day celebration and the games were done outdoor. the children took their water container outside with them.

inspired from this blog, we went to hidden park last saturday morning. it was fun, the weather was not too warm because it rained the night before. we enjoyed the exhibition.

i hope there are more places like this in jakarta.

sunflower garden is still one of my favorite spot at changi airport. but somehow, i rarely visit it. maybe because the fact that it’s a smoking area.

but last week, i wanted to take my outfit picture and i needed outdoor light. i walked up to the garden right after i checked in. it felt awesome to be surrounded with sunflowers. the air was terrible because of the smoke but my eyes caught beautiful scenery.

rumah tanah baru is awesome! the place is in depok, but it feels like we’re in different world. there are traditional joglo houses with big garden in between. and you can find all kind of elements made of ceramics.

we had lunch there. and we were the only one there. people like going to shopping malls better than to this kind of place. jingga was happy to be in a big garden. she can walk around freely and outside. not inside unhealthy room with air condition.

i hope there are more places like this.

ps: one of my friend was proposed by her boyfriend here and another friend had her wedding here. this is just the kind of place for special occasion.

just back from lombok and bali vacation. it was jingga’s first flight. we should take jingga flying more often. we hope we can travel the world one day…

last weekend the whole family went to talaga sampireun. we came early when the place was not too crowded and we can have the hut by the lake.

the kids had fun, played in the playground and fed the fishes. we had delicious food and great time.

here’s some of my nieces and nephew by the lake of fishes.