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inspired from some photos in instagram, i created some photos of fruits with wiggle eyes. it’s sooo fun. i will do more of these. probably not only fruit but maybe with other kind of food or any kind of object.

i just need to have more wiggle eyes.

this is a very late post. last month i visited lombok. it was on my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy so i was allowed to fly. i was glad i did it because after there’s a baby, it won’t be that easy to travel anymore.

i love lombok because it’s quite and charming. not as crowded as bali. and i was there during the low season.

i introduced jingga to beaches and more things closer to nature. we can see the color of nature better there. i captured some in my photos.

after more than 2 years, we finally visited the botanic garden in bogor again. it was early in the morning on saturday. the fresh air and the green kept us happy all the time. jingga had her time there. running around on the grass and played soccer.

this is the kind of place we should visit again and again.

we visited our third hidden park last weekend. this time is at taman tanjung in pasar minggu.

most of the art installation was the same as the previous years with some new additions. my favorite this year is the bird houses.

taman tanjung is much smaller compare to taman langsat or taman tebet. so probably it looked more crowded. but still, i love seeing people enjoying the free public space even the jakarta weather is awfully hot lately.

it has been a long time since i took any sunset photo. so here it is, taken a few days ago from the back terrace of our house.

one of the most fun activity in jingga’s school: play in the rain.
the kids brought rain coat and flip flop from home. jingga is the one in yellow rain coat.

since jingga goes to school 3 times a week now, this project is getting faster. it’s so fun selecting her clothes to school. even it’s a hard negotiation. she needs to approve everything and rejects my selection often.

more of jingga’s style to school. it’s getting harder to do this because she wants to select her own clothes. and she likes skirts better than pants.