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i quitted reading no one belong here more than you. the book is not bad, but i wasn’t in the mood reading some weird short stories.

then, i read some great books. faster than i usually read. maybe because they’re e-books.

everything i never told you – celeste ng
a murder mystery of a teenager of a mix race family. it’s interesting of how someone reacted to the fate she got and affected other people. and yes, being a teenager is hard.

yellow crocus – laila ibrahim
a story about a white girl and her black slave. the plot is quite predictable and the story a bit too smooth to be true. but still it’s worth to read. especially if you’re interested in history.

now reading: orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian

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it has been a while sinceĀ  i made oreo pudding. i used to make it often. all of sudden i wanted something sweet. and i have all the ingredient for oreo pudding.

this food never let me down. always successful to lift my mood up. and for the first time i used the huge rose silicon mold i owned since a year ago. i was afraid the shape of the pudding will be messy. but it turned out ok and not bad at all. next, i’ll try to bake cake in it.

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all the light we cannot see is such a beautiful book. it’s probably one of the best book i read this year. when i read it, i feel so connected with the story and with the characters. all the characters were imperfect, making the story more real and human.

now reading: no one belong here more than you by miranda july

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jingga has a looooong vacation. and because i’m already too heavy to go around, we spent most of our time at home.

i tried to do some fun at home here and there so we won’t get bored. one of them is making some shapes out of her fruit plate. she doesn’t always finish everything on the plate, but we have fun.

a sheep. a caterpillar. a butterfly. a crab. a jelly fish. and a school of fishes.

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what’s the most fun part for being pregnant? it’s the baby shopping. you’re allowed to buy all the cute stuff because you need them.

i didn’t shop as much as i did during my first pregnancy, but i still enjoyed doing it.

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i’m reading all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr. the book won the 2015 pulitzer prize so it gave me a lot of promise. the book set is in france and germany during the 2nd world war with 2 main characters, one in france and one in germany.

i’m halfway reading it. and i’m loving it so far.

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when i’m not too lazy, i bake something for jingga’s breakfast. i want her to experience all kind of food. she’s the kind who’s afraid to taste something new. but i want to encourage her to taste more.

this time i baked marvelous cheese muffin. a very easy and fast one. i just need to mix all the ingredient then bake using the the muffin tin.

here’s the ingredient:
1 3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon sugar (i used a bit less)
1 large egg
1 cup milk
1/4 butter/margarine, melted (i used vegetable oil)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

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i’m still on my book hangover after reading eleanor & park.
i’m still thinking about it a few days after reading it. i hope this book will be turned into a movie.

some quotes from the book i found:

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i finished reading the rosie project. this was just an ok book. not too enthusiastic reading it. but i finished reading it anyway.

the book i’m reading now is eleanor & park. i’m not done but i love it! an easy reading about teenager. and the way it’s written is different. not by paragraph. i didn’t like it at the beginning but then i got used to reading it.


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i’m on my 32nd week. and yes, i’m huge.

it’s getting heavier and heavier. i need to take rest often, can’t walk or stand for too long. and it’s getting closer to the delivery date.

see you soon, baby :)

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lately, i’m trying to make my smoothies look more beautiful by adding some fruit chunks on the top of instead of just swallowing the smoothies, we also need to chew.

and every few days i create some overnight oatmeal. not bad at all. and i love seeing the layers appear between the oatmeal and the smoothies.

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last week was a hard week for me. my boss, my mentor who i had been working for almost 10 years, passed away.

it was a long journey. i moved from bali and started this new things to learn by experiencing the projects around the world.

the nam hai, vietnam (2005)
the club at the saujana, malaysia (2006)
the aman at the summer palace, china (2007)
capella, singapore (2008-2009)
capitol, singapore (2011-2013)

you will be missed. may you rest in peace.
here an article for the memory of him.


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more from jingga’s style to school.

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like most people these days, i wanted to try to make my own kue cubit.

after researched some recipes, i realized they’re just the same ingredient as pancakes batter. i used my usual pancake recipe and added rice chocolate on top. on my first attempt, the bottom part of kue cubit was burned! but after decreasing the heat of my cooking plate to the lowest level, my kue cubit was much better.

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i finished reading the girl on the train fast. it was good. but i still think gone girl is better.

now i’m reading still alice. i haven’t seen the movie. i want to read the book first. so far, i love the book. i think i’ll finish this one fast too. then i’ll watch the movie.

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this is a very late post. last month i visited lombok. it was on my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy so i was allowed to fly. i was glad i did it because after there’s a baby, it won’t be that easy to travel anymore.

i love lombok because it’s quite and charming. not as crowded as bali. and i was there during the low season.

i introduced jingga to beaches and more things closer to nature. we can see the color of nature better there. i captured some in my photos.

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baby no. 2 is on the way.

22 weeks


26 weeks

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i gave up reading the narrow road to the deep north. it’s just too slow and didn’t tell a lot of stories.

now i’m in the middle of reading the girl on the train by paula hawkins. on the contrary, this one is an addictive novel. i can’t stop reading it. people compare it with gone girl. i hope this will be as good as or better than gone girl.

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after the success of apple cake, i made it again with the same recipe but in cupcake version.
somehow i still like the cake version better.