having kid in pre school or kindergarten means lotsa birthdays. i love kid’s birthdays. i enjoyed shopping the presents and wrapping them.

here are some presents i tried to wrap with more effort. i used pinterest as my reference. it looks better if the presents are in geometrical shape and smaller size. paper doilies always look beautiful and come to rescue for wrapping decoration.

i’m trying to teach jingga how to read. and it’s extremely hard. she isn’t interested in it at all.

i made some ‘fun’ worksheet for her to work on. with colors and drawings. but it’s still not really successful since she kept running away and making excuses.

any tips?

more books i read lately:

the nightingale – kristin hannah
i kept postponing reading this book because it’s the same theme and set as all the light we cannot see. set in france during the world war II, it’s about 2 sisters and how they survived the war.

this is also one of my favorite book this year. beautifully written and i didn’t want the book to end.

crazy rich asians – kevin kwan
i was sooooo curious about this book since so many people talk about it. first, i thought this is a non fiction, but it’s fiction! it’s a very interesting and since the set is in singapore, i felt really home. i worked with those people who were born with silver spoon. and some facts in the book are really true.

when jingga was still in pre school, i always brought her just some snack for her meal box. she was only in school for 1.5 hours anyway.

but now, she’s in kindergarten. she spends longer time in school. and she asked for bigger and more serious food.

i tries to have more fun with her food. and surprisingly, now she finishes the food most of the time. i have to get up earlier to make these things. but it pays.

i read so many good books lately. i know, having a baby means i almost have no time for anything at all. but i still can read e-books during the endless breastfeeding.

this is where i leave you

it’s a funny book. and i like it right away. then i found out it turned into a movie. and yes, i watched the movie after reading the book. it took me a few days to watch the movie since it’s harder to squeeze time for movie. the movie was a flop. the book is much better.

the dressmaker of khair khana

ok. this is more serious book. from a true story set in afghanistan during the taliban rule. kamila sidiqi supported the life of her family and the women in her neighborhood by making dresses. and of course this is a secret bussiness because women was prohibited to work by the taliban.

i heard about finnish baby box a few years ago. but i didn’t have a baby at that time. it didn’t really interest me.

and now i’m having a new baby. collecting baby items before he was born. when i read an article about finish baby box, i remembered how lucky the finnish babies to receive something like that.

all of them are very useful items for newborn. when i had my firstborn, i was almost clueless what to get for the baby. and look at the design! they’re all well designed. and every few years, the content is updated.

according to this article, it helps lower the infant mortality in finland.

i read orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian while waiting giving birth and during breastfeeding.

at the beginning of the story, it wasn’t interesting at all. i almost quit reading it. but then, there’s a mystery in it. why orhan’s grandfather inherited their family house to a woman they’ve never heard of? i learned about armenian genocide here. it’s one of history i’ve never heard before.

now reading: this is where i leave you by jonathan tropper

a few days before idul fitri, i gave birth to a baby boy, binar. since this is my second baby, i was more relax and calm.

he’s almost 3 weeks old now, so far he’s happy and healthy.


i quitted reading no one belong here more than you. the book is not bad, but i wasn’t in the mood reading some weird short stories.

then, i read some great books. faster than i usually read. maybe because they’re e-books.

everything i never told you – celeste ng
a murder mystery of a teenager of a mix race family. it’s interesting of how someone reacted to the fate she got and affected other people. and yes, being a teenager is hard.

yellow crocus – laila ibrahim
a story about a white girl and her black slave. the plot is quite predictable and the story a bit too smooth to be true. but still it’s worth to read. especially if you’re interested in history.

now reading: orhan’s inheritance by aline ohanesian

it has been a while sinceĀ  i made oreo pudding. i used to make it often. all of sudden i wanted something sweet. and i have all the ingredient for oreo pudding.

this food never let me down. always successful to lift my mood up. and for the first time i used the huge rose silicon mold i owned since a year ago. i was afraid the shape of the pudding will be messy. but it turned out ok and not bad at all. next, i’ll try to bake cake in it.

jingga has a looooong vacation. and because i’m already too heavy to go around, we spent most of our time at home.

i tried to do some fun at home here and there so we won’t get bored. one of them is making some shapes out of her fruit plate. she doesn’t always finish everything on the plate, but we have fun.

a sheep. a caterpillar. a butterfly. a crab. a jelly fish. and a school of fishes.

what’s the most fun part for being pregnant? it’s the baby shopping. you’re allowed to buy all the cute stuff because you need them.

i didn’t shop as much as i did during my first pregnancy, but i still enjoyed doing it.

i’m reading all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr. the book won the 2015 pulitzer prize so it gave me a lot of promise. the book set is in france and germany during the 2nd world war with 2 main characters, one in france and one in germany.

i’m halfway reading it. and i’m loving it so far.