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from humans of new york: good luck with architecture…

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the next book i’m reading is before i go to sleep by sj watson. this is his first book that i read.

the story reminded me of mementoes. but the character here is a woman with mystery of her own life. while writing this post, i just found out this book is already turned into a movie.

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i got the copy of gelombang through preorder and got number 1178 out of 2014. i finished reading it right away.

i personally like partikel better. and a bit surprise because i thought gelombang is the last sequel of the supernova series. but it’s not. there will be another one. i hope it will not take too long for the next book. i want all the character in the series meet.

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i usually make apple pie out of store-bought pie crust. but apple are expensive lately and i wanted to create something different. then i made this pocked pie, filled with ovamaltine and cheese. and they’re delicious!

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another e-book. this one is and the mountains echoed by khaled hosseini.

i prefer his two previous books. and i remember when i read his previous book, a thousand splended suns, i was traveling to ho chi minh city. and it was 2008 (6 years ago!) how time flies. and the funny thing, my traveling friend and me read the same book.

and here’s the photo from 6 years ago, on the flight from singapore to ho chi minh city.

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all of the food from the last idul adha was created by my mom in law. all i did just packed and brought them home.

and yes. they’re delicious!

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this is official, i read e-book faster than the paper book. i just finished reading another book from isabel allende, the daughter of fortune.

like her other books, this is awesome. but i miss the magical elements like in the house of the spirits.
which book from isabel allende i should read next? potrait in sephia or eva luna? maybe potrait in sephia because it’s the sequel.

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more photo of breakfasts.

ok, lately i still skip breakfast sometimes and drink smoothie only

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i’m very clueless when it comes to planting.

with the help some inspirations from pinterest, i started plating vegetables. this one is caisim from my smoothies leftover. it’s growing. and surprisingly it has flowers. a yellow ones.

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another one from jingga’s style to school.

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fruits are amazing creatures. the shape, the color, the texture, the pattern, the smell and the taste are amazing!

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i think i read faster when it comes to e-book. maybe because i can read in the dark.

the book i’m reading now is colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by haruki murakami. i think it has been a while since i read his novels. and i miss his calm way of telling stories.

so far the book is good. let’s see…

oh, i also read his short story yesterday online a few months ago. this one is not one of the weird story. a nice one if you miss his writings.

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we went to the white shoes and the couples company mini concert last weekend.

it was a kids friendly concert in tanah tingal. the place is so far away from where we live. but we love the outdoor place with many trees and many children activities. there was a school too. i believe the kids who go to school there are happy kids.


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the book i’m reading: the valley of amazement by amy tan. still in e-book version.

i think i read almost all of amy tan’s book. i don’t really like the theme of this one. but still, i can feel the sadness of the story. sometimes i put down the book a while when it’s sooo sad. but later i continued reading it again. i’m so curious with the ending of the book.

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daily smoothies in the morning.

my recent favorite is making double layer smoothies. i saw this kind of smoothies for the first time on my umroh trip back in 2006. and i also love love love adding fruit chinks on the top of the smoothies. they look more beautiful.

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mood indigo

hello audrey tautou … here i meet you again.

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inspired from here, i tried to regrow the vegetables from scraps.

my first attempt with pokchoy failed. the veggie rot. and then i tried again with caisim. the caisim i got has some roots. i placed it directly in the ground and so far it grows. slowly.

wish me luck with the planting. i’m not sure i have green thumb but i’ll keep trying.

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i’m reading 100 years old man who climbed out the window and disappeared (such a long title) in e-book version. i rarely read book in e-book version but i think i’ll do this more and more since this will solve my problem of book space in my room. and book pile gathers dust. and dust makes jingga sick.

i really enjoy this book.  the same style like the last one. and one think i love the most about this because the story goes across continents. many parts are almost impossible coincidence but still make a good and logical story.

part of the story is located in bali and about stupid politician. you should read this. a really hilarious book.


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we visited our third hidden park last weekend. this time is at taman tanjung in pasar minggu.

most of the art installation was the same as the previous years with some new additions. my favorite this year is the bird houses.

taman tanjung is much smaller compare to taman langsat or taman tebet. so probably it looked more crowded. but still, i love seeing people enjoying the free public space even the jakarta weather is awfully hot lately.