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lately, i’m trying to make my smoothies look more beautiful by adding some fruit chunks on the top of instead of just swallowing the smoothies, we also need to chew.

and every few days i create some overnight oatmeal. not bad at all. and i love seeing the layers appear between the oatmeal and the smoothies.

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last week was a hard week for me. my boss, my mentor who i had been working for almost 10 years, passed away.

it was a long journey. i moved from bali and started this new things to learn by experiencing the projects around the world.

the nam hai, vietnam (2005)
the club at the saujana, malaysia (2006)
the aman at the summer palace, china (2007)
capella, singapore (2008-2009)
capitol, singapore (2011-2013)

you will be missed. may you rest in peace.
here an article for the memory of him.


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more from jingga’s style to school.

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like most people these days, i wanted to try to make my own kue cubit.

after researched some recipes, i realized they’re just the same ingredient as pancakes batter. i used my usual pancake recipe and added rice chocolate on top. on my first attempt, the bottom part of kue cubit was burned! but after decreasing the heat of my cooking plate to the lowest level, my kue cubit was much better.

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i finished reading the girl on the train fast. it was good. but i still think gone girl is better.

now i’m reading still alice. i haven’t seen the movie. i want to read the book first. so far, i love the book. i think i’ll finish this one fast too. then i’ll watch the movie.

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this is a very late post. last month i visited lombok. it was on my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy so i was allowed to fly. i was glad i did it because after there’s a baby, it won’t be that easy to travel anymore.

i love lombok because it’s quite and charming. not as crowded as bali. and i was there during the low season.

i introduced jingga to beaches and more things closer to nature. we can see the color of nature better there. i captured some in my photos.

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baby no. 2 is on the way.

22 weeks


26 weeks

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i gave up reading the narrow road to the deep north. it’s just too slow and didn’t tell a lot of stories.

now i’m in the middle of reading the girl on the train by paula hawkins. on the contrary, this one is an addictive novel. i can’t stop reading it. people compare it with gone girl. i hope this will be as good as or better than gone girl.

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after the success of apple cake, i made it again with the same recipe but in cupcake version.
somehow i still like the cake version better.


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it has been a while since i post my smoothies photos.
it’s almost a year now!

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the book i’m reading now: the narrow road to the deep north by richard flanagan. i just read a few pages of the book, don’t know how the story will lead me. i hope this one is good.

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i took jingga to watch cinderella last week. she wasn’t too crazy about the movie, but loooooove the short movie before it: frozen fever. and as an adult, i love it too :) it’s like meeting some old friends.

we met elsa, anna, kristoff and olaf again. they were celebrating anna’s birthday. but something was happening.

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i’ve been abandoning my blog for a month!

maybe i just need to write more from the books i read. the lowland is excellent. just like other jhumpa lahiri’s books, it made me cried in a few parts. it’s more than a story of 2 brothers. it’s about a few generation of a family.

the next book i’m reading is dark places by gillian flynn. after stunned with gone girl, i’m curious reading her other books. this one is good too. but not as good as gone girl. i read it during my vacation in lombok. and i read it fast. about a family who were killed in the 80s. and 25 years later, the survived member of the family tried to solve mistery of the event.

i’ll look for her other book: sharp objects. but the title gives me shiver.


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after trying apple cake with ice cream from sepotong kue in pasar santa, i looked for apple cake recipe.

i found an easy one. fortunately, i had some apel malang at home (the imported apples are banned lately because of bacteria or something). apel malang is good because it’s cheaper and looks more natural compare the imported ones that can stay months without getting rotten.

and this is my first apple cake. it was yummy!

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the book i’m reading: the lowland by jhumpa lahiri.

this is her latest work and i love jhumpa lahiri. no wonder i read all of her books. this one was a bit boring at the beginning pages. but later, as the story goes, it got more and more interesting.

the lowland is about two brothers, like most of her stories, about indian living in usa. one brother moved to usa and the other stayed behind.

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still about jingga’s 4th bday.

for the cakes, as requested by jingga, she wanted tinkerbell, periwinkle and rosetta cake.

for the goody bags, i made some bag tags. the boxes are made of tin with stickers i made myself. inside the boxes i added a few snacks.

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it has been a while since a post any breakfast photos.

cherry crumble from ladies who bake

croissant from ouma boulangerie

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february, the month i need to prepare jingga’s birthday. it’s the most fun time of the year. i love kid’s birthday!

here’s the invitation, inspired from pinterest. the whole class ate lollypops after receiving the invitation :mrgreen: