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I finally figured it out. It’s like when they realized it was gonna be too expensive to actually build cyborgs and robots. I mean, the costs of that were impossible. They decided to just let humans turn themselves into robots. That’s what’s going on right now. I mean, why not? They’re billions of us just laying around, not really doing anything. We don’t cost anything. We’re even pretty good at self-maintenance and reproducing constantly. And as it turns out, we’re already biologically programmed for our little cyborg upgrades. I read this thing the other day about how When you hear that ding on your inbox, you get like a dopamine rush in your brain. It’s like we’re being chemically rewarded for allowing ourselves to be brainwashed. How evil is that?


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i still tries create wrapping with more effort by not just lazily used the pattern wrapping paper. but this is only working with box shaped presents. for the unusual shapes, i just don’t want take risk anymore.

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most kids including jingga, loves chicken nugget. i tried making it often, but it’s the traditional recipe with minced chicken and bread crumb.

then i found this recipe. it’s interesting because it’s oven baked. and instead of using bread crumb, the outer coat uses the mixture of corn flakes + shredded cheese.

here’s the result from the recipe. tasted better than the usual i made.

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still obsessed with tegel kunci. whenever i met one, i’ll take picture. here some i found lately.

at playhouse, pejaten.

at the entrance of ranch market at lotte shopping avenue

at bale soto, near gunawarman

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after finish reading the unlikely pilgrimace of harold fry, i realized it is so much better book than i thought before. it’s not just walking to visit a a friend who was in the late stage of cancer. it’s much deeper than that. i made me stop a while and think about a lot of things. especially about family.

the next book i finished reading was the potrait in sepia by my favorite author, isabel allende. it’s tbe sequel of daughter of fortune that i read a few months ago. as always, i couldn’t stop reading allende’s books, so i finished it fast.

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after almost a year, we finally visited bandung again.

bandung is home, as a grew up there. being there, those memories of my childhood appeared, especially the memories with my late dad.

we went to some awesome places that i have never been visited before: dusun bambu, miss bee providore and koloni 108. it was raining most of the time there. but we still have great times.

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finally watch gone girl the movie.

so many excellent review about this movie because of its twist story. but i read the book, so i wasn’t too surprise. the book was awesome and the movie is not bad either. and of course like a movie from a book, it lost some details.

i didn’t imagine someone like ben affleck to play as nick dunn, but he was good.

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just started reading a few pages of the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry. still don’t know how the story will take me but it seems like an interesting book and i’m expecting a lot of surprises.

and i’m also curious because it’s turned into movie. i’ll see the movie after i finish reading the book.

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the ovamaltine pie was a big success because jingga ate most of them.

this time i made a smaller version so they can be placed into jingga’s mealbox. this is pretty easy to make since i used store bought pie crush. all i need to add was egg to glue the pocket and to brush the top part. for the filling i just put ovamaltine.

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we visited the newly opened ikea at alam sutra last week.

when we arrive there, it was almost lunch time, so we went straight to the restaurant first. it was weekday, so it wasn’t too crowded. then we walked around the shop but didn’t do a lot of shopping. i was just happy finally we have ikea here.

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You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.

Begin Again

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just finished reading semua untuk hindia.

the book won khatulistiwa award. and it’s a compilation of short stories (i prefer a novel than short stories). the most interesting element about this book is all the stories has the same time set: indonesia just after the independence.

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after success with baked chicken, i created a new version with different ingredient. this one is dory fish. and this time i replace the soya sauce with oyster sauce. just to give a different taste to the meal.


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inspired from pinterest, i tried some new way of wrapping presents. of course i needed more effort to do this compare just wrapping them in some cute pattern wrapping paper.

something i learned after this, these kind of wrapping only good with sqare/rectangular presents. if the shape is random then it looks awkward.


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inspired to make chicken meatballs after seeing this recipe. but instead of frying the meatballs, i baked them. and it’s so easy and tasty (except the time forming them into balls).

i ate them with shell pasta i have at home. and added cheese. ok, the cheese part is probably not that healthy but i couldn’t help it!

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“Time flows in the strange way on Sunday.”
– Haruki Murakami

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now she has her own bag preference.

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i’m re-reading burung-burung manyar by y.b mangunwijaya. i read book for the first time about 15 years ago, before i started writing things in my blog (my blog started in 2002, when i lived in bali).

since this is a good book, i enjoy reading it. and of course i have forget about the story especially the details. it’s more like reading a new good book.


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another no fry food. this time is tuna stuffed eggs.

the eggs are boiled and take out the yolks (they contain evil cholesterol). mix tuna, mayonaise and chopped spring onion. then put the mixture into the egg.

super easy!

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almost 8 months of daily morning smoothies (with a few days of cheating when on traveling). still fun. still want to go ahead with this.